McDonald’s releases statement on reopening restaurants


McDonald’s has released a statement on when they plan to reopen their restaurants in Britain and Northern Ireland.

The fast food chain closed all of its restaurants in the UK and Ireland last month amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But with likes of KFC, Greggs and Burger King now revealing their plans to reopen by selecting specific stores in the UK, McDonald’s has sent a message to its staff and customers.

Fans of the big restaurant chain missing their “maccies” solution flooded social media when a report suggested that the American company planned to relaunch with drive-thru / delivery services only on both sides of the sea Ireland from mid-May.

Responding to the claims, McDonald’s posted on Facebook, “Well, our notifications are going wild this evening – we miss you too. We promise to update you here as soon as we confirm our plans. Stay safe, stay home and we’ll do it soon. “

This comes after McDonald’s, which has 26 restaurants in Northern Ireland, has reopened a selection of restaurants in France only for driving customers.

When a subscriber responded, asking for specific details, McDonald’s said, “When we have confirmed our plans, we will update restaurants and employees through our living room. We have no confirmed plans at this time. “


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