Max Bowden of EastEnders remembers the hours spent kissing in the cold a year after a gay kiss


Max Bowden has been thinking about the hours spent kissing Tony Clay’s face in the cold for a whole year after the broadcast of their kiss.

The 25-year-old EastEnders star joined the show as Ben Mitchell last year and has since been an unforgettable character who wowed the character of Tony Callum Highway.

In isolation, Max looked back on the freezing nights filming with his lover on the screen for soap last year.

Her thoughts were sparked after a review by EastEnders fans drew attention to last year’s kissing scenes.

The EastEnders fan account wrote: “This scene was filmed a year ago! “

Max shed some light on what happened with the filming when he retweeted the message from the EastEnders fan account.

He wrote, “Wow, is that true? A year ago, we filmed this !?

“Hours spent in the cold kissing each other’s face @ tony_clay76

“What a year this little trip has been so far, my son! The best screen partner you could ask for! I love you, kid! “

The pair on the screen kissed a year ago
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The actors have already mentioned some annoying problems during their kissing scenes.

Tony revealed that their stubble had caused problems while filming the smooches.

He said, “We have solid thatch and obviously when you have to film stuff for late nights until halfway through 12/11 in a park, it’s very cold.

Mx Bowden plays Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

“Of course, there are only a lot of Carmex you can use! So you get a little beard blowout afterwards. “

EastEnders boss Kate Oates said the couple really “made this money” while filming the night shifts.

She said, “We were so excited to see this kiss being shot, we had been telling it for ages … I think you started kissing around 7:30 am and around 10:30 am, they were still there. , like the pros they are! Each take was so real and captivating. ”

Tony Clay plays Callum in the hit tube

The actors also shared their shock at the reaction of fans to the couple, also known as Ballum.

“I don’t think any of us really expected it to be as immediate and as brilliant as that,” said Max.

Max thinks about the kiss on Twitter

“It was such an interesting dynamic to play, because as different as they are, they both have many similarities – they both come from this really dysfunctional background of toxic masculinity and Ben has been there. “

Tony added: “They are children from difficult backgrounds in their own way, they both took very different paths. Now, they met at the right age, at the right time and I think the right time in their lives.

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“It’s such a joy to work with Max and to have the kind of dynamic between the characters. They are so different – they are worlds apart on many things, but there is also this thing from which they come back. “

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