Matt Hancock makes fun of Ben Shephard when he is “heckled” on Good Morning Britain


Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard couldn’t help but laugh at MP Matt Hancock live on Friday after an unexpected moment.

The health secretary appeared on GMB to discuss his own battle with the coronavirus, after being tested positive last month.

While admitting that COVID-19 was a “nasty” disease, he confirmed that he was on the verge of recovery and, hopefully, immune.

The hosts of Good Morning Britain, Ben and Ranvir Singh, also questioned Matt about his comments that the virus test would be increased to 100,000 a day by the end of April.

But during the live chat, Matt suddenly distracted himself and kept looking away from the camera on the video link.

Matt Hancock was “heckled” live on Good Morning Britain

He quickly admitted that someone close to him was yelling at him and said he was “heckled.”

Matt then shared his surprise that the comments were nice things, while Ben and Ranvir expected not-so-nice remarks to happen to them.

Instead, Matt confirmed that he was praised – something Ben couldn’t help but laugh at.

Ben Shephard, host of Good Morning Britain, made fun of the heckling

Matt interrupted the hosts after he seemed distracted and said to them, “I’m sorry, I’m slightly distracted because I’m being heckled by someone screaming great things. “

“It’s distracting, so I’m sorry,” he added while the hosts could be heard laughing.

Ben joked: “This is a strange moment for all of us Matt Hancock, a strange moment indeed. “

Matt Hancock was surprised by the nice comments

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Coronavirus epidemic

Matt added, “They say Matt Hancock is great, which has never happened to me before. “

That’s when Ben joked, “Did you take your family with you on this live? Are they somewhere? Maybe he’s one of the family members. “

The member laughed before saying, “It is true. Thanks Mom. “

As the interview ended, the rowdy could be heard shouting things over the live link, which prompted the hosts to return.

Good Morning Britain is aired weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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