Mass reaches major milestones for coronavirus in death toll and total number of cases – NBC Boston


Another 196 people in Massachusetts died after testing positive for the new coronavirus, bringing the death toll from 2,500 to 2,556.

And one day after the state established two COVID-19 test records, the records were broken, albeit on a technical level.

As of Friday, nearly 5,000 additional people who tested positive were reported, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, bringing the total to 50,969. A record number of 20,137 new tests were reported overall, or more than double what the state reported until Thursday.

As of Thursday, 3,079 people tested positive and 14,614 were tested overall, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Both were the highest daily numbers ever seen in Massachusetts during the coronavirus crisis.

But health officials said the data in Friday’s report had been corrected to take into account a reporting error by the laboratory company Quest which had also affected other states.

“The Massachusetts Department of Public Health received a backlog this week of nearly 10,000 patient results (positive and negative) from Quest dated April 13. These cases are included for the first time in today’s data, “noted a note in the report. .

The new information has been incorporated into the report. As of Friday, an additional 2,877 people tested positive for the virus after 10,897 people were tested.

While warning residents that Massachusetts was still in full swing at its regular coronavirus media briefing on Friday, Governor Charlie Baker discussed Thursday’s files, noting that with the greatest number of tests done, there was also a higher proportion of tests that were negative.

As of Friday, the state had tested more than 200,000 people for the virus, and testing remains fundamental to the plan to reopen Massachusetts’ economy.

Governor Charlie Baker urged residents to continue to apply appropriate security procedures to limit the cases.

The death toll from coronaviruses exceeded 50,000 on Friday and Massachusetts remains one of the hardest hit states. According to the NBC News count, only three others had a higher death toll at 2:35 p.m. in New York, New Jersey and Michigan.

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Mass coronavirus infection rate. Towns and villages


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