Mason Disick starts quarrel with YouTuber Jeffree Star after dissecting him on TikTok


Mason Disick continues to make his presence felt on social networks, even though his mother Kourtney Kardashian has taken measures to limit its use.

Just days after the 10-year-old spilled the beans on his aunt Kylie Jenner’s relationship with former Travis Scott during a live Instagram chat, Mason stirred up a feud with Kardashian’s enemy , Jeffree Star.

YouTuber, 34, has previously played with the stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with billionaire make-up mogul Kylie, 22, in his forward line of fire.

Now, Mason took a hit on Jeffree, who is himself a makeup tycoon, in a TikTok video and he didn’t take him to bed.

Mason Disick now spilling tea on Tik Tok after being banned from Insta

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In a live broadcast with TikTok personality Addison Rae, Mason called Jeffree “spoiled AF”.

Jeffree responded to the child on Twitter in a tweet since deleted, Us Weekly reported.

He wrote: “I had $ 500 in my bank account six years ago … Maybe he is confused with his own privilege compared to mine being done by himself, I hope his father can educate him soon! “

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This new explosion comes a year after Jeffree targeted Kylie after she was named “the youngest self-taught billionaire of all time” in March 2019 by Forbes. at the time tweeted, “Haven’t we seen this again?” Self-taught: having succeeded in life without help,

Jeffree was not going to leave that there and added, “I turned down the feature so they had to choose someone …”

Jeffree Star hit Mason Disick

The millionaire makeup artist has her own bank account and in June 2019, she took another pop to the reality star by slamming Kylie Skin products.

He said at the time, “I’m a little nervous because when it comes to seeing Kylie anything, people think there is tea past – which it is – but like, we don’t care about each other, there is no animosity. I don’t really see his stuff anymore. ”

He then went on to say that he would only use Kylie Skin products to clean “dogs ***”.

Mason Disick started a feud with Jeffree Star with comments on TikTok

After Mason got in trouble with his Instagram blast, his parents Kourtney and Scott Disick were quick to shut him down on social media.

Kourtney said on March 25, “He started an Instagram like yesterday, and didn’t ask for it.

“He has an iPad and a computer for his school. … Scott and I just felt like he was 10 years old. I think there is an age limit with Instagram.

“I think it’s 13. … I think with Instagram, what really worries me about kids is comments. People can be so mean. “

After that, Mason started broadcasting on TikTok and continued to feed others with his views.

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