Mario Gotze’s move to Liverpool has already been made – and it has paid off


It can be a confusing time in world history, but we can always count on the constants.

There is death, which is all too apparent. And there are taxes.

And there is also Mario Gotze linked to a move to Liverpool.

The latter is of course inconsequential, but it has been fascinating and predictable to see these old ties emerging again in the wake of the German World Cup winner announcing that he will be leaving Borussia Dortmund this summer.

In a statement full of good wishes for everyone in the world, Gotze also said: “I have decided to change my career planning.

“What the sporting future will bring will only become apparent when a little normalcy has returned to the world. “

Gotze has long been linked to Liverpool

Amen, Mario. But where should he go?

Not Liverpool. Again.

he could of course happen, theoretically.

Jurgen Klopp could finding that a meeting with the 27-year-old is too hard to ignore despite his stubby season which has only brought in 13 Bundesliga games, but … well, he won’t.

Gotze’s injury problems and “metabolic disruptions” have made him the shadow of the player he once was, and in truth Liverpool should and will continue to aim higher than he does when it comes to recruiting new talents who can improve the team this summer.

The duo is unlikely to be reunited

Things were different in 2016, when Gotze was the home of all Liverpool fans and his possible arrival in Klopp’s first closing season was seen as a crucial declaration of intent for the new manager.

A young Bundesliga star winner of the Dortmund team, he seemed to be the ideal candidate for a Liverpool project that Klopp was starting to put on the road after two final cup defeats which took over in October 2015.

It was the perfect opportunity to take on a player who would turn those losses into wins, but that didn’t happen.

Jurgen Klopp and Mario Gotze
JGotze leaves Dortmund for Bayern Munich, then steps back

Whether Gotze rejected Liverpool or Liverpool rejected him is not really the subject – although it is probably more of the former that he chose to return to Dortmund from Bayern Munich.

When Klopp missed his signature, he decided to go a different route, and with it a complete change in the way the Reds would play.

As Plan B unfolds, Sadio Mane is not bad, and four years later with a Champions League in the bag and a Premier League so close to being confirmed, no one regrets the fact that Klopp missed this who seems to have been tried and trusted interpreter from Dortmund and instead signed the irregular and irregular wingman of Southampton.

Mane was Klopp’s best signature

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Indeed, Mane, who turns 28 on Friday, is probably Klopp’s most important signature to date in Liverpool, and the catalyst for the big names and big hits that followed.

More may well be on its way, with Gotze apparently destined to be forever the man who could have been, but who was not.

His name could still be associated with Liverpool, but few people will lose sleep if he never puts on a red shirt.


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