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Melissa Burgess and her husband experienced symptoms of COVID-19 but were unable to be tested, which raised concerns about their young son’s exposure. Melissa Burgess hide legend

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Melissa Burgess

In the past two weeks, Nathan Tetreault of Lillian, Alberta has suffered from likely symptoms of COVID-19: dry cough, fever, waking up in the middle of the night, difficulty breathing.

“I don’t know if I have it.” However, the odds are damn likely, ”says Tetreault.

Doctors didn’t test him last week because he didn’t meet the criteria at the start: he’s not someone over the age of 65 with symptoms, and he hasn’t traveled outside the United States nor come into contact with someone he knows who has tested positive.

“The scariest thing is not getting answers, not knowing what’s going to happen when you call the doctor and they just say, ‘Yeah, you’re alone,'” he said.

Tetreault is now feeling better. He is supposed to return to work in a supermarket. But he was afraid of being infectious. He says if he knew he was positive, he could ask for more free time.

There is still a serious shortage of tests for COVID-19 in the United States, despite President Trump insisting that the situation is improving. While COVID-19 test criteria may vary depending on where you live, tests are rationed in each state. Demand far exceeds Alabama’s Oregon capacity.

In Portland, Oregon, Melissa Burgess, her husband, and their 1 1/2 year old son have been locked up in their little house for two weeks. She had mild symptoms. Her husband, however, became much sicker – but not bad enough to go to the emergency room or get tested, according to their doctor.

Fortunately, his health is improving.

“And maybe it wasn’t that, and thank goodness, but the anxiety over the past few days has been pretty high,” said Burgess.

However, Burgess takes no risks. She wears the only family mask – they got it from a neighbor – when she takes care of her husband. They fear that if she becomes ill, there will be no one to care for their son. Her parents live nearby and generally help, but they cannot come and risk falling ill.


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