Manchester United fans mock Steven Gerrard on Paul Scholes commentary


Steven Gerrard said Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson now plays games the same way Paul Scholes does for Manchester United.

Henderson has played in all but four Premier League games this season and have finished at the top of the Premier League standings with 25 points out of the season.

Gerrard, who has played with Henderson at Anfield and for England, said his former teammate had his best season in club football before making similarities between the former Sunderland player and Scholes.

“It is no surprise to me how he behaves on and off the pitch, obviously I have played with him for many years for Liverpool and England,” Gerrard told BT Sport.

“A very fit athletic boy who is very selfless in the way he approaches his game on the field. He puts everyone before him and when you play with him you appreciate the work he does for the team. “

“I think over the years he has developed parts of his game, his passing range is fantastic and he runs games with a bit of control like Paul Scholes did before. He leads by example and is always there for the team. “

Naturally, the mention of Scholes provoked the reaction of United fans.

On Henderson, Gerrard added, “I saw him grow up with interest as a person. He has always been a big boy, a great teammate, an incredible human being and it is not surprising that people are now starting to recognize what he is, on and off the field.

“Every praise he receives as a player and as a human being deserves it because it is true. I can guarantee it because I lived with him. “


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