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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is set to become one of the best wingers in the world and forget about becoming a world-class No. 9. The English international has been widely used since entering the scene in 2016 under Louis Van Gaal. Rashford, a youth striker at Old Trafford, was a deadly attacker.

However, this season, the 22-year-old has been widely used, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer choosing to use Anthony Martial as a central striker.

The Manchester-born Rashford scored 19 goals before being sidelined with a broken back.

And Rashford says he thinks the left wing is his most natural position – hinting that he may not be able to play for United anymore.

He said, “It largely depends on the players you play with.

“When you’re left, you can create a lot more by yourself, giving the team a little more.

“While when you play at the front you are sometimes isolated and need someone in the midfield who can find passes for 90 minutes of play, so you can disappear in the games sometimes as number nine .

“When I moved up to number nine when I was younger, that was the song I was struggling with because I was always someone who wanted to speak on the ball.

“When I started playing number nine, I realized that you don’t see the ball as often as in other positions, but when you see the ball, it’s an opportunity to score goals .

“This is what I liked to be a number nine and this is what I still like about it. But right now, I like having the freedom to mix between the two – and I think that’s fine with us right now as Anthony likes to drift to the left and go down as deep.

“To be honest, it seems natural to play in the position I’m playing now – I’m in the middle between the left and the center and that’s definitely positive. “

United are hoping to sign Tottenham # 9 Harry Kane this summer, which could see Rashford’s wish granted.

Rashford and Kane have impressed together for England in recent years.


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