Man Utd boss Solskjaer denounces football brutality as big clubs prepare to pick up carcasses of rivals – The Sun


In an unprecedented period of crisis, we are repeatedly told: “we are all there together”.

Obviously, these rules do not apply to professional football, where greed is always good and it remains for everyone.

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    Big club leaders like Man Utd chief Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could target easy choices from less affluent rivals3
Big club leaders like Man Utd chief Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could target easy choices from less affluent rivalsCredit: PA: Press Association
    The agent of Arsenal, the ace of Mesut Ozil, would have advised him not to reduce wages, the big clubs being better placed than they suggest.3
Arsenal’s agent, Mesut Ozil’s ace, advised him not to cut wages, as the big clubs are in a better position than they suggest.Credits: Getty Images – Getty

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer counts the days before the game’s impending crash if this week’s comments are passed.

The Manchester United boss made no attempt to hide the club’s eye for a murder when he spoke frankly about his transfer plans for the summer.

He said, “Who knows which clubs will have to sell players when football returns to normal?

“It could be a situation that we can exploit because Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs and financially wealthy. “

Here. Britain’s wealthiest club simply waits for its time until it can recover a rival’s carcass.

As dozens of teams face the threat of going to the wall, the lucky few feel a unique opportunity to take advantage of the competitors’ weakness.

A handful of super rich clubs will emerge practically intact. And you can bet your life that they will take full advantage of it to recruit the best players.

United, backed by millions of Champions League champions, were among a handful of Prem teams to make a profit last season.

The majority – including the Europa League Chelsea winners and the Arsenal finalists – ended the campaign in red.

No club will leave the current season in the dark if the teams must reimburse 762 million pounds sterling to the television companies.

But some are far more protected from imminent loss than others. And they will be the ones who will seek to capitalize on this misery.

Financial analysts are already predicting that the transfer market could anything but collapse this summer.

    More squadrons to follow Southampton by accepting three-month salary deferral3
Other squadrons expected to follow Southampton by accepting three-month salary deferralCredits: Getty Images – Getty

There will be no more offers of around £ 40 million for the likes of Sébastien Haller and Joelinton, while players negotiating new contracts will see a huge drop in wages offered.

But a handful of super-wealthy clubs will also emerge virtually intact from the pandemic.

And you can bet your life that they will take full advantage of their positions to recruit the best players.

No wonder players remain deeply suspicious of club motivations as they are under increasing pressure to accept a cup.

No wonder they are so reluctant to give a penny without the assurance that their money will be used wisely.

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The Southampton team started the ball rolling by accepting a three-month salary deferral, and the other teams are sure to do the same.

But somewhere later, they will claim this money – unless the owners can prove that they are in real danger of bankruptcy.

As admirable as the #PlayersTogether effort is, it’s not their job to fund the NHS.
Their taxes already do, as the PFA has repeatedly pointed out.

The £ 4 million that #PlayersTogether aims to raise will roughly cover the cost to the taxpayer of Spurs, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich of providing their staff for one month.
It would be better to use their generosity to take care of the lowest paid staff.

They are no longer billionaire owners who are crying wolf. It’s real and the only way for clubs to make up the deficit is to reduce the payroll

However, Mesut Ozil’s agent Erkut Sogut advised his client to refuse a reduction in his Arsenal salary of £ 350,000 a week and said, “The Premier League clubs are not in the wrong positions in which they show themselves.

“Clubs have problems because they mismanage their finances. “

And he’s absolutely right, mainly because they accept such ridiculous contracts with players like Ozil.

But this is no longer the case with the owners of billionaires who cry wolf. It is real and the only way for clubs to make up the deficit is to reduce the payroll.

If players cannot see this, they will suffer an unpleasant shock.

Even this scenario would be seen as an open goal by some of football’s most rapacious advisers.

If a player was offered a reduced salary, he could withdraw as a free agent.

And no transfer fee is equal to higher connection fees.

For Premier League footballers, it seems like every cloud really has a silver lining.


JOSE MOURINHO is not an idiot, far from it. In fact, he is one of the smartest managers in the world.

So how did he think he could get away with his public training session on Hadley Common this week?
Wearing his branded purple top and joined by a number of players in Tottenham’s full training kit, Mourinho could not have been more visible if he had tried.

Perhaps he thought that violating government rules on social distancing was a price to pay simply for sweating Tanguy Ndombele.


GORDON TAYLOR and the PFA should be wary of the hand that feeds them in their war escalation with high-flying clubs.

Almost all of the union’s £ 24 million in annual turnover comes from the Premier League television deal.

Less than £ 1 million is raised through subscriptions of £ 150 a year to players, £ 46 less than the annual membership of the Royal College of Nursing.

Fat Cat’s executive director Taylor, who is said to be the highest paid union leader in the world, would do well to remember that when he cashes his next £ 2 million check.

And he certainly shouldn’t be surprised if he finds himself in the cold when the next round of TV talks begins.


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WHO else was shocked by allegations that Russia and Qatar bribed FIFA officials to hand over the World Cup final?

This week’s allegations from the US Department of Justice’s investigation into football corruption have been predictably dismissed and little more than a shrug from the world’s governing body.

Unfortunately, it is too late to do anything against the Russians, who reaped the benefits of hosting the 2018 final.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the 2022 tournament were withdrawn from the Qataris, who seem to have broken all the rules to get their hands on the crown jewels of football?

This will not happen if money means more than morality for Fifa and their friends.

England will not boycott the event either despite the fact that our FA has repeatedly taken the moral standpoint on these kinds of issues.

But if there was ever a tournament to miss, that’s it.


I must have laughed when I read that Liverpool had been “forced” to announce that their non-player staff were being put on leave by a Premier League rival who had leaked their plans.

As the excuses go, it’s right up there with “TV made me do it.”

But some people swallow anything, especially if it means they can avoid criticizing the European champions.

Fortunately, not all of their supporters were convinced by forcing the club to a quick and painful descent.


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