Man spotted sunbathing on highway embankment – but he had good reason


Police were called after a man was seen lying on the side of a highway embankment.

The male was seen yesterday on the slope of the M61 in a southerly direction around 1 p.m. between the junctions for Horwich and Bolton.

A northwest highway police spokesman said he appeared to “tan.”

However, when traffic police were dispatched to the scene, they discovered that he was waiting for a recovery truck after the breakdown of his vehicle.

In a statement on Twitter, a spokesman for Highways England said, “The man was down and awaiting recovery.

“The vehicle has been recovered. “

Police are on alert at the moment and are monitoring anyone who may be violating the government’s coronavirus lockdown rules.

With Easter weekend supposed to be hot and sunny, residents of Bolton were advised not to go to local beauty spots like Rivington Pike for a walk.


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