Man rescued in mountains after attempting to walk from France to Spain to buy cheaper cigarettes


A FRENCH man was saved from the Pyrenees after trying to walk in Spain in search of cheap cigarettes.

It seems that some people take lock more easily than others …

The thirsty gentleman first tried to cross the border, but was arrested on Saturday by a police checkpoint.

He then attempted to make the trip on foot, which required the small matter of hiking through one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe.

It is understood that the man got lost and fell into a stream, leaving him no choice but to call for help.

Local authorities sent a helicopter to look for him, and when they found him, he “was shaking and exhausted.”

As if that were not bothersome enough, he was later fined € 135 for violating social isolation laws and restrictions on movement.

What a void!

I’m sure we all desperately need a cigarette, a bar of chocolate or a glass of wine that we may not have at some point during the lockout, but I think crossing a mountain range for one is where I would draw the line, right?


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