Man jailed for breaking lock rules, canceled Easter vacation


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                Un homme a été emprisonné en France pour avoir violé à plusieurs reprises les règles strictes de verrouillage anti-coronavirus, qui ont vu 359 000 amendes infligées dans tout le pays alors que le nombre de décès par épidémie continue d'augmenter, ont annoncé mercredi les autorités. 

Le ministre de la Police, Christophe Castaner, a averti les résidents d'annuler tout projet de voyage pour les vacances scolaires à partir de ce week-end, promettant de punir tout mouvement injustifié alors que le pays continue d'évacuer des dizaines de patients gravement malades des hôpitaux des zones surchargées du pays.

The Ile-de-France region, with Paris at its heart, saw its first evacuations on Wednesday as the epidemic that began in eastern France has weighed more and more heavily on the capital.

Twenty-four patients were sent from Paris to Brittany in northern France in the morning on a high-speed train, fully equipped like a hospital on rails, with 12 others to follow a second train later.

A third of the 499 deaths recorded in France in the last 24 hours came from Ile-de-France, the government said, with a death toll of 3,523 across the country.

Only deaths in hospital are taken into account in the official account, which excludes people who died in old age centers or at home.

To date, the government has evacuated nearly 300 patients from hospitals in the hardest hit regions of the country to less busy hospitals, and some to Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Austria announced on Wednesday that it will take three patients from eastern France.

A trapped lock breaker

As the medical crisis worsens, a court in Calais, in the north of the country, sentenced a 20-year-old man to two months in prison after being arrested eight times without the self-certified document that all residents must show themselves. they leave the house. for critical business.

This can include essential purchases, going to the doctor, walking the dog, jogging fast, and going to work for those in critical areas.

In Paris on Tuesday, a court sentenced a 22-year-old man to 105 hours of community service, also for repeatedly breaking the lock.

Castaner said 5.8 million checks had been carried out and 359,000 fines had been imposed since the foreclosure began on March 17, and noted that leave was not allowed under the foreclosure rules which confined millions of children at home in closed schools.

Even with rail and air traffic reduced to a minimum, the authorities fear an exodus of holidays and the minister said that controls will be tightened on the roads and in stations and airports.

“Containment is a pressure on families, I know, but we have to stay strong,” he said.

More than 22,700 people are hospitalized for COVID-19 in France, including 5,565 in intensive care.



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