Man dies from coronavirus after calling it a “political ploy”


An Ohio man who dismissed the coronavirus pandemic as a “political ploy” and tore up the foreclosure of his state as “bulls” has died of COVID-19, according to reports.

John W. McDaniel, 60, died last Wednesday in Columbus – exactly one month after it was reportedly fired a series of angry contagion messages.

“Does anyone have the courage to say that this COVID-19 is a political ploy? Ask a friend. Prove to me that I am mistaken, “he wrote on March 13, according to The Sun.

Two days later, McDaniel reportedly called “bulls-t” on Ohio governor Mike DeWine, ordering him to stay at home to close bars and restaurants.

“He does not have this authority. If you’re paranoid about getting sick, don’t go out. That shouldn’t stop those of us from living our lives, “he wrote, reports said.

“The madness must stop. “

The articles have since been deleted, but have been saved and widely shared on social media, including by coronavirus speak head Dr. Dena Grayson.

McDaniel’s obituary confirmed that he died “with his loving family by his side from the complications of Covid-19”. He was the first COVID-19 dead in Marion County, said the Marion Star.

In stark contrast to his reported articles, his family pleaded in his obit that “everyone continues to practice social distance to protect each other”.

McDaniel is survived by a wife and two sons and will have a live funeral service on Wednesday. “You could not have known a more loving and loyal husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend,” said the story.

“Simply put, Johnny McDaniel loved life and loved everyone he knew with all his heart.”


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