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As the coronavirus crisis continues, locals – from local communities to pop stars of the 80s and even luxury hotels – are doing their part to help those in need and inject much-needed joy into life.

Dancing in the street

Janet Woodcock leads her neighbors to Frodsham in a socially distanced dance that they do every day in prison.

Janet Woodcock leads her neighbors to Frodsham in a socially distanced dance that they lockout everyday. Photography: Peter Powell / EPA

Residents on a Cheshire street do something a little different for their daily exercise in containment – a community dance session from a social distance.

Fitness instructor Janet Woodcock, 54, got the idea after one of her neighbors said she was missing her exercise class. For the past eight days, residents of Springbourne in Frodsham have left their homes at 11:00 am, standing at a distance from each other, for 10 minutes of exercise led by Woodcock.

“It’s really simple, but these are people who move, see each other and really have fun,” she said.

Woodcock, an independent fitness instructor, leads the street-wide dance classes at 11:00 am each day.

Woodcock, an independent fitness instructor, leads street-wide dance classes at 11:00 am each day. Photography: Peter Powell / EPA

“A woman told me it was the highlight of her day. Some people work from home, but many retirees tend to read and watch the news all day, and it can get very depressing. So it’s nice to get people out into the great outdoors. “

Each session begins with the theme of Neighbors, followed by other specially chosen songs like Dancing in the Street, Our House by Madness and It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones – a street favorite.

“The way it brought us all together is just fabulous,” said Woodcock. “It’s really heart-warming to see how it’s helping people now, but I hope we don’t forget it.

“We all promised a big street party when it was over and I think everyone will feel like they know each other a little better. “

Sing at six

Hundreds of people across the country joined a song movement set up by an NHS intensive care nurse to cheer up.

Roxie Jackson put up Sing at Six last week to encourage her neighbors to sing some uplifting tunes after the 5pm news. “Everyone sits down at five to watch this update, and the mood is a little upset and people are stressed, and I thought, ‘I don’t want to send kids to bed like this atmosphere, I want to do something happy. “

In a few days, the Facebook The group has soared to nearly 10,000 members, with people joining in singing together in their gardens, by video call or by posting videos, some even dressing.

Jackson sets a theme each day and allows band members to vote for their favorite song. Man! I Feel Like a Woman was chosen for the 90s party and Let it Go for the Disney theme. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was the choice for an evening dedicated to the elderly, with a local nursing home displaying a video of its residents.

Jackson said she was overwhelmed by the number of people involved, especially her mother, who puts on an elaborate fancy dress and enjoys watching videos during her breaks from work. “The mood in the hospital has been horrible for weeks and now it’s scary, so when you get home you need something nice,” she said.

“I think music is a big thing and it’s one of those things that people remember. If the kids remember something from that time, let’s try to make it happy. “


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