Maine police warn against texting


A Maine police department is warning the public about a text-based coronavirus scam.

Police in the harbor town of Thomaston, Maine posted a photo on their Facebook page of a text message sent from an Indiana area code warning the recipient that they should self-isolate – with a bogus link.

“Someone who has contacted you has tested positive or has shown symptoms for COVID-19 and recommends that you self isolate / be tested,” the text message says.

The alert is not from an official agency, and ministry officials told residents not to click the link, which police say could be a phishing scam to capture victims’ personal information.

“If you receive an SMS like the one illustrated, DO NOT click on the link! The ministry wrote on Facebook earlier this week. “This is not a message from any official agency. It is however a gateway for bad actors to find their way in your world. “

“The virus is not the only invisible enemy,” said the police. “Be vigilant against all threats!” “

The ministry’s post follows advice from the Better Business Bureau regarding a multitude of new virus-related scams.

A common scam involves emails and texts that claim to be from the government and tell recipients that they must have an “online coronavirus test” in order to receive stimulus relief.

The BBB does not recommend clicking on a link in an unsolicited or unverified message.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, so does the uncertainty and fear: two things the scammers thrive on,” the office wrote on its website.


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