Madison Prewett Says Peter Weber Wanted To Hang Out Before Meeting Kelley Flanagan


  • Madison Prewett made her feelings flow when she discovered that Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan were together in Chicago.
  • Madison also alleges that Peter sent a text message asking her to return just two days before finding Kelley.

    How stupid we were to think of Peter Weber’s drama of the season The single person would it end in a small arc with the season finale? (Okay, maybe it was just me, LOL.) Despite the end of the show a month ago, the bombs keep coming – this time courtesy of Madison Prewett, who claims that Peter was trying to get back with her just two (2) whole days before he was spotted finding Kelley Flanagan in Chicago. Take a cup of tea, because it’s really interesting!

    Madison hopped on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off the vine and revealed that before it all started – “this” meant the sort of sorting relationship between Kelley and Peter and Madison’s recent shadow over them – she and Kelley were actually very good friends on the show … you know , despite the competition to win the affections of the same guy.

    peter weber and madison prewett


    “We were best friends, in fact. We have been inseparable throughout the process, ”said Madison. “I was definitely hurt and disheartened by this whole situation. I want the best for both, but I was really blown away. “

    But here’s where things start to get piecemeal: Madison said Peter would text him and ask him to literally come back with him two days before he was spotted in Chicago with Kelley. Don’t jump to conclusions here, but it looks sure there could be an overlap with Peter speaking to Madison and Kelley.

    “He called me and texted me and said,” I miss you, let’s get back together, “said Madison. “I mean, I think it was a little confusing for me, but I think when you split up and go through grief and you come out of a show that was emotionally, physically and very tiring , everyone handles this differently. Everyone relies on different things. “

    After news of Peter and Kelley’s adventures began to circulate on the Internet, Peter contacted Madison again to let him know what was going on with Kelley. Since Madison considered Kelley to be a close friend of hers, she found Peter’s actions hurtful and told her that she had finished her nonsense.

    “He had texted me two days before. And [then] he texted me after a few days break. He sent me this long, long text, sort of an explanation, but not really. Just share the current situation or whatever, “said Madison. “I was very nice back, I was just like, ‘Look, this doesn’t affect anything for me, like we split up, it’s not like I lost something here. I guess, but I kind of told her what I said. What confuses me about Peter is that two days ago you told me how much you loved me and wanted to get back together and now you are with the only person who was my best friend. It’s a little hurtful. “

    Oh, and let’s not forget that the photos of Peter and Kelley hanging in Chicago came out on Madison’s birthday.

    “I just felt like I was doing this on my birthday and I didn’t even like to reach out or anything,” she said. “But again, I say it really means that, I saw something special in Kelley, which is why she was my best friend. I saw something special about Peter, which is why I loved him and I wanted to fight so hard to make the relationship work. So they are both amazing and special people. ”

    So uh … something tells me that a meeting of Madison, Peter and Kelley will not be in anyone’s future. The drama of it all!


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