Luxury car owner destroys $ 750,000 ultra-rare race in New York


The co-founder of a luxury car company almost totaled an ultra rare Gemballa Mirage GT worth around three quarters of a million dollars during a shattering stroll in Hell’s Kitchen on Tuesday, according to police and a confusing video.

Benjamin Chen of goldRush Rally – a company that organizes rallies for luxury cars – was driving his blue Gemballa Mirage when he started driving in Hell’s Kitchen at around 7:30 am Tuesday, sources said.

Chen was traveling south on 11th avenue when he got into a car parked on 47th and 11th streets, police said.

From there, he left and then crashed into at least four other parked cars before being handcuffed on 44th Street and 11th Avenue, police said.

All the cars were parked and empty. No one else was injured.

A call came for a stolen car in Midtown – but it was later discovered that Chen was the rightful owner.

“It is certainly not a stolen car,” said a police spokeswoman.

Her charges are pending.


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