Luke Shaw details the huge impact Zlatan Ibrahimovic had on Man Utd’s locker room


Luke Shaw described how “born winner” Zlatan Ibrahimovic used to “kill players” in training if they didn’t pull their weights.

The Swedish striker spent just over 18 months at Old Trafford and has proven himself with crucial goals.

Ibrahimovic was already at the end of his career when he joined United, but his thirst for success was no less evident.

United have won three trophies in Ibrahimovic’s only full season with the club, and Shaw believes the veteran has had a huge impact on his colleagues.

“He was crazy,” said Shaw at a FIFA Combat Corona Twitch competition. “I think it was what we needed in the locker room.

Shaw says Ibrahimovic had a big influence on United
Shaw says Ibrahimovic had a big influence on United

“He’s amazing, he still had talent and even though he was a little older, he was still the incredible player he had been. “

“But I think in the locker room he was great. He had a lot of jokes but I think when it got serious, and when he had to sort of put his foot down, you knew that. “

Ibrahimovic’s crowning moment at United came in the 2017 League Cup final, where he put on a splint, including a late winner.

Ibrahimovic was a huge success during a brief stint at Old Trafford
Ibrahimovic was a huge success during a brief stint at Old Trafford

But his fate at United did not end as he hoped, after suffering a serious knee injury which prevented him from winning the Europa League final.

His injury threatened to end his career, but after recovering quickly, he continued to be a success in MLS before making an emotional comeback at AC Milan – which came as no surprise to Shaw.

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“I think he was a born winner,” he added. “Even in small training matches, if he didn’t win and you were part of his team, he would absolutely kill you.

“So I think he made the most of everyone when he was there, like in training, because people somehow couldn’t [slack] because if you are part of his team and you lose, you are dead.

“And honestly, you can ask anyone on the team, that was the situation. But I think everyone loved him and it was just disappointing that he got hurt. “


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