Luke Kuechly Seeks A Way To Stay Involved In Soccer


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Luke Kuechly announced his retirement in January after eight seasons in the NFL with a statement saying he knew it was the right thing to do because he no longer knew if he could “play fast, play physical and play hard” .

In a recent interview with Mike Tirico, Kuechly said he had no second thoughts about this decision. He knows that he “gave everything I had” to the game as a player and that he is now looking in other directions.

Kuechly told Tirico that he hopes “to find a way to stay involved in football in one way or another.” He mentioned coaching, a front office role and broadcasting as possibilities and discussed seeing Jason Witten, Tony Romo and Ronde Barber in the latter role as something that had some appeal.

“These guys, you can say that they played at a high level and that they still have the opportunity to stay involved in the game,” said Kuechly. “I think this part is something that appeals to me just in the sense that they played it and are still involved in an interesting role. “

Kuechly also said he had discussed training with former Panthers teammate and current Panthers special teams coordinator Chase Blackburn, who told him it was as close as he could come to actually play the Kuechly did not say if he had offers in either area, but Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said in January that he would like Kuechly to be part of his personal at some point.


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