“Low confidence” regarding the arrival of PPE from Turkey


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There is “relatively low confidence,” a delayed supply of 400,000 protective gowns will arrive on Monday, an NHS official said.

The batch was due to arrive on Sunday from Turkey.

Chris Hopson, head of government of the NHS providers, informed the BBC that there was “no doubt” that some hospital trusts already had shortages of gowns, which protect these people with coronavirus.

A minister said the Turkish flight was scheduled to take off on Monday afternoon.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the federal government is “working very hard” to resolve the problem, but added that there have been “challenges on the Turkish side”.

“I don’t want to start making more and more promises but I understand that the flight will take off this afternoon and those [gowns] will be delivered, “he advised BBC Breakfast.

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Hopson, whose organization represents health care trusts across England, said if the delayed shipment from Turkey arrived on Monday, it could “arrive very late in the day.”

“It just shows that we have to be careful not to focus on individual transmissions,” he advised BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

“Bitter experience in recent weeks has shown until a batch of dresses has actually landed – the boxes have been checked and the equipment has been tested – the NHS simply cannot rely on the dresses available on the front line. “

Hopson gave the example of a planned shipment of 200,000 dresses from China that actually only contained 20,000 dresses when he arrived last week.

“We know that with other orders, when the boxes were opened and it said on the outside of the” dresses “, when you opened it, they were in fact masks”, a he mentioned.

“But I guess the question we have to ask ourselves once all of this is over is, in fact, the pandemic stockpile that was supposed to overwhelm us properly configured?” “


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