“Lots of yahoos,” Ford says of people protesting COVID-19 emergency measures


Premier of Ontario Doug Ford Furious Over “Yahoo Group” Who Mocked Physical Removal and Emergency Laws To Protest In Queen’s Park Saturday Afternoon “irresponsible, reckless and selfish”.

A hundred people gathered outside Queen’s Park, chanting slogans calling on Ford to “open Ontario” and end all emergency measures, with some carrying signs claiming the new coronavirus is a hoax.

Ford was visibly angry at the rally, which violates the province’s month-long order banning all rallies of more than five people.

“We have health workers in these hospitals who work 24 hours a day to protect the community and 99.9% of the inhabitants of this province work side by side, which is why we can observe a flattening of the curve. Said Ford. “But then we have a bunch of yahoos outside Queen’s Park sitting there protesting that the place is not open because they are breaking the law. And put everyone in danger, put themselves in danger, put workers in danger and God forbid, one of them ends up in the hospital down the street. “

He said he hoped the Toronto police would give them tickets.

Failure to be at least two meters away from someone outside your home currently results in a fine of $ 880 in Toronto.

Some protesters complained that they had not been able to have their hair cut in the past five weeks, while others called the news spread by the virus “fake news”.

Some protesters also brought children to the rally.

“Imagine we make sure that all Ontarians act the way they do now,” said Ford. “It would take us back several months.

To date, the virus has infected at least 13,000 Ontarians, leaving 811 dead.


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