Los Angeles Kings star defenseman Drew Doughty doubts resumption of NHL play


Double Stanley Cup champion and winner of the 2016 Norris trophy Drew Doughty is pessimistic about the chances of a resumption of the NHL this season.

The star defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings said on Monday that it would be difficult for hockey to return this season, if only to hold the playoffs and distribute the Stanley Cup.

“Honestly, I don’t see how the season is going to come back,” said Doughty. ” I really do not know. We have no idea when this virus will go away. “

The 30-year-old known for his candid responses and comments questioned the validity of a 2020 Cup winner, especially since there were 189 regular season games remaining and not all teams had played the same number of matches. Doughty is also concerned about how playing late into the summer could affect next season, which the league has said it wants to play in full.

“I know they want to give away the Stanley Cup so badly this year, but seriously, it will not be like winning a real Stanley Cup because the (regular) season was not over,” said Doughty. “There are teams that could not participate in the playoffs. And then I guess they should find a different playoff format. I do not know. It would be a little different. I’m not a big fan of it, as much as I want to play. I just don’t want things to go into next season and affect these (games). “

Doughty, who won the Cup with Los Angeles in 2012 and 2014, said “for sure” his opinion would be different if the Kings were in a different place in the standings. They were 28th out of 31 teams and eliminated from the playoffs.

But he added that his views on the NHL season were more affected by the state of the world during the coronavirus pandemic than by the logistics of hosting sporting events.

“Everything continues to be delayed even more, like blockages and stuff like that,” said Doughty. “People are dying even more every day. So I don’t see how or when we can make any kind of decision to go back to the season. “

In an interview with CNN on Monday, commissioner Gary Bettman continued to say that the NHL did not rule out anything for the resumption of play.

“We are exploring all the options, but when we have the opportunity to come back depends on things over which we have absolutely no control, because it all starts with everyone’s health and well-being,” said Bettman. “Until there is a feeling that people can come together, not just in our arenas but for our players to come together to practice, we don’t know when we can come back, but it’s something thing that we monitor daily. “”


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