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ITV host Lorraine Kelly, 60, aired the show from Good Morning Britain studios amid changes due to the coronavirus. On Monday, the presenter was joined by popstar Dua Lipa, 24, who discussed her new music and the COVID-19 pandemic on the show.

The popstar discussed the early release of his new album for fans during the current UK lockdown. The New Rules hitmaker met Lorraine via a video link.

When she appeared, she spoke while tilting her head with one hand from her house, looking relaxed.

Sharing her thoughts on the coronavirus, she said, “Now that we have seen on the news how things have intensified, it is not just the flu, it is not only affecting the older generation.

“It’s incredibly dangerous, yes for some younger people, our immune systems may be stronger, but it’s about thinking of all people together and working together.

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The singer then urged people to “stay together” and “stay inside,” as the government has advised.

She added that she doubted that the UK would return to normal life without its citizens “taking it seriously”.

After the interview, a viewer suggested that the popstar looked “annoyed” while hitting the host.

The Twitter user wrote, “I don’t blame Dua Lipa for being bored, probably drained of her interview by someone of her generation #lorraine grans.

One user commented, “I thought she was just cool and relaxed! “

A second wrote: “Bien dit @Lorraine”, while a third added: “There is always one! “

After receiving numerous comments from Twitter users who did not agree with them, the person in question replied, “My God, really sorry my bad. “

ITV made several changes to its schedule in accordance with government advice regarding social distance and home care.

Earlier this month, Lorraine stepped in to present an extended version of Good Morning alongside Piers Morgan, in the absence of Susanna Reid.

The latter stayed away from the show for two weeks after her son, with whom she lives, developed symptoms of coronavirus.

The presenter told fans that his son suffered from a persistent cough and became isolated with him.

Susanna returned to the show earlier this week.

Hello Britain and Lorraine continue tomorrow on ITV from 6am.


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