“Looks like a national champion” – Joe Burrow radiates confidence before the 2020 NFL draft


LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow is the image of confidence before this year’s NFL draft. After winning the Heisman Trophy last year, he was shown a photo of himself and asked: “Does this sound like a Heisman Trophy winner?”Later, he was asked what he was going to say to the child right now. He has answered, “Looks like a national champion. “

In his last college season, he had over 5,600 yards with 60 touchdowns. The performance has won admirers everywhere with the The 23-year-old should be the first draft pick this week.

Joe Burrow

This will see him take his talents to Cincinnati where he will play for “The Bengals” in September. It will be a difficult challenge for the young quarterback if he chooses to sign with the drafting team. This is because they finished at the lowest AFC in 2019.

However, a former quarterback and first choice in the 1998 draft supports Burrow.

Peyton Manning supports Joe Burrow to succeed

On SportsCenter, Peyton Manning revealed that he had received a phone call from Burrow.

Manning said: “If you are the first choice in the draft, you go to a team that won the first choice. There are gouges for drilling a few holes. There is a reason the Colts chose number 1 that year. There is a reason why the Bengals choose number one this year. ”

The Bengals have not won a playoff game since 1991. They have not played in the playoffs for 5 years. Last season, they scored a 2-14 win and loss record, matching their worst record ever.

It will be a learning experience, said Manning, who encourages beginners to get started in the NFL outside of the senior years when they were the best. He revealed that he had lost more games in his first season than he had during his school and college career.

However, in a telltale sign of Burrow’s quality, Manning supported the youngster to break his long-standing record. Manning launched a rookie record with 28 interceptions in 1998.

“It is still an NFL record. If Joe wants to break this down, I would agree with that. We would always be friends. ”

Will we see a shock on the draft day? Or will Joe Burrow be the first choice expected?

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