Lockout Will Be Extended For At Least 3 Weeks As Hundreds Of Additional Deaths Revealed In UK – The Sun


CORONAVIRUS the death toll could be 15% higher than what was announced after the discovery of nearly 800 deaths hidden outside the hospital.

New official figures show that 21% of all deaths in England and Wales until April 3 were caused by a coronavirus.

In England until April 3 – but recorded until April 11 – 5,979 mentioned the coronavirus on the death certificate, compared to 5,186 deaths in hospitals during the same period.

This means that 793 more people in the country died outside the hospital due to the deadly virus.

This is happening while the current foreclosure is expected to continue for at least three more weeks with the pandemic peak in a few days.
Acting Prime Minister Dominic Raab is expected to announce on Thursday that the country’s restrictions will remain in effect until at least May 7.

At yesterday’s press conference, Dominic Raab said the lock was working.

The government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, said that social distancing measures “reduce transmission within the community”, with the number of confirmed cases appearing to flatten.


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