Local company makes PPE for health care workers – Kelowna News


A local avionics company has started to produce face shields for distribution to healthcare workers, hospitals and healthcare professionals across Canada.

Kelodya’s Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corporation has just completed production of its first 2,000 masks after volunteering to meet the growing demand for PPE or any other suitable product during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO Brian Wall quickly identified the capacity of its 32,000 square feet to help those working on the front lines.

“When news of the COVID-19 pandemic began to break out, we immediately started discussions with local health officials, as well as with provincial and federal government officials to offer our support in any way we can. We knew we had the equipment and the expertise to manufacture various components of PPE and survival equipment, so when we had the opportunity to produce those shields that we urgently needed, we had to work immediately . “

The company is capable of manufacturing up to 1,500 masks per day, which are assembled at another facility in Kelowna and then distributed across Canada.

Priority is given to provincial demand in British Columbia, says Wall.

“The first people to get their hands on the finished product are the public health authorities, therefore the province of British Columbia, and the needs as they deem recognized will be met in the first place. Any excess or subsequent deployment of these face shields will then be recognized by the federal government for potential use in other provinces that may not have the adequate number of PPE they need.

“Finally, beyond that, if we come to a point of production where there is an abundance available, this is where the Canadian government examines other opportunities, possibly with other countries that may be in need but cannot meet their own needs. “

AEM will continue to respond to orders for face shields until the need is sufficiently satisfied and may also be used as a resource for mechanical fans.

“We have made ourselves available and we are ready to participate in the production of fans should it be necessary to support the two government-approved organizations currently working jointly in this endeavor.”

He believes the initiative is of vital importance and encourages all other industries capable of helping to do so.


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