Liverpool v Atletico Madrid: the impact of the coronavirus will be studied by the council


The match was the last major game played in England before the season’s suspension

The impact of Liverpool’s Champions League match with Atletico Madrid on the spread of coronavirus is being studied by city council.

The move follows calls by Liverpool mayor Steve Rotheram for an independent investigation.

The Reds welcomed Atletico to Anfield on March 11 in front of 52,000 fans, including 3,000 from Madrid, who were already on partial lockout.

Liverpool City Council will work with John Moores University on the project.

A spokesperson said, “Liverpool City Council, alongside partners from the University of Liverpool and John Moores University, has agreed to explore any impact of Covid-19 following the match of the ‘Atletico Madrid in Anfield on March 11.

“The Liverpool City Council public health team, along with partners, is currently assessing the size and scope of the project. As the city is currently focusing on the fight against the pandemic, no timetable or date has yet been set for the completion of the works. and when it is reported. “

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson commissioned the investigation and said the council wanted to know if the data could give an “indication”