Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler reveals the chic gestures of Alex Ferguson and Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler revealed an elegant gesture from former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

The former Reds striker is currently in his first football management job, in charge of Australian team Brisbane Roar.

Fowler’s team is currently in fourth place in the A-League table, with four league games to play.

And Fowler said Ferguson – as well as Anfield boss Jurgen Klopp – have sent messages to the Brisbane players to wish them good luck for the season.

“It was incredible that these great men wanted to do this,” Fowler told the Daily Mail.

He added: “Sir Alex was an incredible manager of our rivals, but I always got on well with him.

“I think he always loved me as a player. This message he sent is my greatest memory of him.

“When you deal with people like him, it is not always through football that you realize how good they are. He didn’t have to, but he did it without hesitation.

“We know how passionate and good he was as a manager. But let me tell you this: he is above all a gentleman. “

The speeches by Klopp and Ferguson were part of a presentation that Fowler made at the start of his tenure, where he explained his philosophy to the players.

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“I knew from the start that I could plan and develop,” added Fowler.

“You don’t have a minute for yourself. You train; you plan a day in advance.

“I made a presentation to the guys before throwing a ball and told them how we were going to play. We watched the presentation when we returned.

“We hadn’t watched it once during the season, but more or less to the letter what we said was going to happen in the presentation. It was great. ”


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