Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp had two reasons to contact Kylian Mbappe’s father


Jurgen Klopp would have called the father of Kylian Mbappe while the speculation grows, Liverpool wishes to sign the Frenchman.

Sadio Mane of Liverpool has been linked to a £ 150m transfer to Real Madrid in recent weeks after Zinedine Zidane allegedly made the Senegalese his main target.

Mbappe would cost around £ 250 million, but Liverpool, in theory, would use the £ 150 million from the sale of Mane to finance most of the deal.

The transfer is still very unlikely at this point, but it is not unrealistic to believe that Liverpool are considering possible replacements in case Mane decides to trade Anfield for the Bernabeu.

Jurgen Klopp reportedly called Kylian Mbappe’s father

According to, Klopp recently spoke to Mbappe’s father, Wilfried, to discuss his son’s signing for Liverpool.

Klopp made the call for two reasons: to personally declare Liverpool’s interest in winning the World Cup winner and to sell his vision for his son.

Mbappe hasn’t talked about Liverpool’s alleged interest in him for the past few weeks, but he has already talked about Klopp and what he has accomplished at Anfield.

“What Liverpool are doing right now is incredible,” Mbappe told the BBC. “They are like a machine, they have found a rhythm and are as if we are playing again, we are playing again.

Klopp made the call for two reasons

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“They haven’t lost a single game. When you look, you think everything is easy but it is not easy. The guys are focused, they play every three days and they win, they win, they win. “

“Now the problem is that everyone is watching Liverpool, and everyone is watching what we can do against them, so now they have to show that they are strong again but it’s a very good team with a very good manager. “


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