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. Dreamland theme park says the show will continue – but not yet.

The coastal attraction was due to open this weekend, but the coronavirus destroyed these plans and many events also had to be deleted, but its owners remain optimistic about the future of the site. Read our story here.

Margate's Dreamland amusement park will remain closed for the next six weeks. Image: Chris Davey
Margate’s Dreamland amusement park will remain closed for the next six weeks. Photo: Chris Davey

As of Friday morning, there were 38,168 cases of coronavirus in the UK, up 4,450 from the previous Thursday figure, which is a similar leap in recent days.

A total of 173,784 people were tested and 11,764 tests were performed on Thursday, the highest number to date, but far from the government’s 100,000 month-end target.

A total of 684 more people died of Covid-19 in hospital, bringing the total number of hospital deaths in the UK to 3,605 – China, where the pandemic started, recorded 3,322 death.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock Honored Two Nurses, including Aimee O’Rourke of Kent, Who Died After Being Tested Positive for Covid-19

He also thanked the public and the team who remarkably built London’s Nightingale Hospital in just nine days.

Five more such hospitals are under construction in the UK.

He added that 2,500 intensive care beds had already been increased and that hospitals in Nightingale would add thousands more.

More than 7,000 NHS workers have been tested for the virus, 2,000 more than the day before. An estimated 550,000 NHS front line workers are employed.

“The only way to protect yourself and others is to stay at home … If we relax now, people will die,” he said.

Head nurse Ruth May said she was concerned that more medical staff would die and paid tribute to the two dead nurses.

She said, “I ask you to remember Aimée and Areema. Please stay home for them. “

The deputy chief medical officer, Professor Jonathan Van Tam, says the trends for people who stay at home are “very encouraging.”

“This is a global battle and the UK is in the same position as many other countries,” he adds.

The progress of vaccines and treatments has been “amazing,” he said. He is asking patients with symptoms of coronavirus to volunteer for clinical trials.

Asked about the peak and whether there will be enough fans at this point, he replied that he “does not know” when the peak will be reached, because it is “too soon after the establishment social distance to say it. “

He said in terms of fans “we are not at all close to a scenario where there is not enough yet.”

“Are there more people than we count with the case numbers?” Ask Robert Peston of ITV, noting that Patrick Vallance used a ratio of one death per 1,000 patients, which means there could be 4 million cases in the UK.

Professor Van Tam would not be drawn to the numbers.

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On Sunday, the queen will speak to the nation to cheer people up.

In her first televised address since the start of the crisis, it is good that she will say to people “We are in the same boat – and we will all do it together. “

The Queen will address the nation on Sunday. Image: Geoff Pugh / PA Wire
The Queen will address the nation on Sunday. Image: Geoff Pugh / PA Wire

The monarch, who is also expected to praise healthcare workers, recorded the message at Windsor Castle, where she is isolated with Prince Philip.

This is only the fifth time that the 93-year-old monarch has made a show outside of Christmas.

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