Live updates on the coronavirus: Trump incorrectly claims that he has the final say on lifting the restrictions; States Form Coalitions to Discuss Reopening of Economy


China reported 89 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, down slightly from the previous day, the country’s national health commission said on Tuesday. All but three of the new cases have been discovered in people recently entering the country from abroad.

Another 54 asymptomatic cases have also been reported, which means that a total of 1,005 asymptomatic cases are under medical observation. China has recently started counting asymptomatic cases separately, when there was concern that people who don’t know they have the virus may start a second wave of transmission.

In recent days, efforts to stop the spread of the virus have focused on the Russian-Chinese border, where most of the new cases are reported. The number of people allowed to cross the border has been greatly reduced, and towns near the border have introduced stricter quarantine requirements for those returning from abroad.


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