Live updates on the coronavirus: European leaders are weighing on the easing of blockages; Birx says social distance will continue throughout the summer


LONDON – Boris Johnson, perhaps the most famous coronavirus patient in the world, has returned to work.

Prime Minister appeared outside 10 Downing Street Monday morning and told the country that the time had come for maximum effort and maximum risk – as he urged the British not to lose patience after six weeks. locking but to continue a little longer.

“This is the greatest challenge this country has faced since the war, and I do not in any way minimize the lingering problems we face,” said Johnson, standing in front of a desk in a blue suit and red tie. , with a yellow mop as artfully askew. like always.

In his brief speech on Monday morning, Johnson thanked his fellow ministers who had intervened during his absence, as well as the people for their “courage and courage.”

It is the first time that Britons have seen their Prime Minister in public since March 26, when he appeared on the steps of 10 Downing Street to applaud National Health Service workers. The next day, his spokesman revealed that he had a coronavirus. The Prime Minister then spent 10 days in solitary confinement, a week in hospital, including the intensive care unit, and another two weeks of recovery in the official campaign area.

As many countries around the world begin to relax strict housekeeping and business closures, as infections and deaths appear to peak in many places, Johnson reported that the Great Brittany would not quickly move away from its version of locking.

“I know this is difficult and I want to move this economy forward as quickly as possible, but I refuse to reject the efforts and sacrifices of the British people … I ask you to contain your impatience,” said Johnson.

Johnson has made few comments about his own isolation, illness, nights in the intensive care unit or weeks of recovery, except to compare the coronavirus to an attacker.


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