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We will know much more about the feasibility of the “NRL Island” concept later this week, after the league’s innovation committee meets Thursday to discuss the idea of ​​putting the entire cohort of players in a “bubble.” Isolated, potentially at a luxury Queensland resort, in an effort to save the suspended season. Larissa O’Connor has more here.

Former NSW captain Paul Gallen doesn’t think it can work – he said players cannot be considered “normal human beings” – but the concept is gaining momentum and the AFL Now also exploring the option of putting its players in a quarantine center and playing a modified form of its season.

Paul Gallen – or for that matter the president of AFLPA Patrick Dangerfield, who expressed doubts about the viability of his code – must not point out the potential pitfalls of such a scheme, but the concept of creating centralized hubs seem to be gaining support in some quarters.

Carlton coach David Teague said earlier today that he “strongly agrees” as long as it means the season can resume and run, while Sydney coach John Longmire , said his club was “open to anything.” Collingwood president and member of the AFL coronavirus cabinet Eddie McGuire yesterday proposed a four-pole plan in three states.

The coronavirus pandemic has propelled sport around the world into a financial crisis and while men’s competition is scrambling to save its season, the future viability of all women’s competition has raised concerns.

But Susan Alberti, the respected pioneer of women’s soccer, said today that she was convinced that the AFL had taken too much time and effort to get the AFLW going and to drop it.

“The AFLs are absolutely committed to the AFLW … it’s been a long time in planning, it’s here now, and it’s not going to go away,” Alberti told SEN.

“It was quite sad to see [the season] completed [without a premier being named], it’s unfortunate, but they’ll come back bigger, stronger and better next year.

“The growth I’ve seen in the game over the past few years has been remarkable. We have about 600,000 young women playing our game now and it’s not going to go away, it’s going to get bigger and bigger. It just takes time. “


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