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White House officials said on Sunday that parts of the country would soon peak in cases of the new coronavirus, while hospitals in high-infection areas are preparing for an increase in patients and deaths.

Although President Trump hailed a one-day drop in deaths in the New York area, predictions by other officials were much more dismal.

“This is going to be the hardest and saddest week in the lives of most Americans,” said American surgeon general Jerome M. Adams. “It will be our time in Pearl Harbor, our time of September 11, but it will not be located. It will happen across the country. ”

His warning comes amid extraordinary scenes inside hospitals and increasing deaths across the country. Deaths from the virus surpassed 9,500 on Sunday evening, although federal officials acknowledge that the actual number is certainly higher due to a shortage of tests.

Trump has urged states to share all spare fans with others, but a national rush for supplies could still leave the nation’s epicenters far away. The New York supply will last 48 to 72 hours overtime, local officials have warned, while Louisiana could run out on Thursday.

Trump has also continued to promote hydroxychloroquine as a way to treat and prevent the virus, even though the FDA has only granted limited emergency use authorization for the drug. Rudolph W. Giuliani, his unpaid private lawyer, also encouraged the use of a combination of antimalarial drugs in phone calls.

On the other side of the Atlantic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital due to “persistent” symptoms of coronavirus after a positive test 10 days ago. And in a rare show, Queen Elizabeth II called on the British people to show self-discipline and quiet determination during the pandemic.


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