Live Coronavirus Updates: As Social Boundaries Spread Slowly, Calls Increase To Make Them Easier


Trump re-posted a message on Twitter that said “It’s time to #FireFauci” as he dismissed criticism for his slow initial response to the pandemic which has now killed more than 22,000 Americans.

Fauci, when appearing on CNN on Sunday, was careful to say that many factors were involved in government decision-making, and he found it difficult to stay focused on science rather than politics when asked. asked if home measures could have prevented the deaths if they had been implemented in February, rather than mid-March.

“I mean, obviously, you could logically say that if you had an ongoing process and started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives,” said Mr. Fauci. “Obviously, no one is going to deny it. But what goes into these decisions is complicated. “

“I mean, obviously, if we had stopped everything from the start, it might have been a little different,” he said. “But there was a lot of hindsight about closing things back then. “

The president in private was sometimes irritated by Dr. Fauci, but the Twitter message was the most explicit he had been about these feelings.

Trump has retweeted a message from a former Republican congressional candidate, DeAnna Lorraine. “Fauci told people on February 29 that there was nothing to fear and that it posed no threat to the United States as a whole,” said the message from Ms. Lorraine, who received less than 2% votes during an open primary against the President. Nancy Pelosi last month. “It’s time to #Fire Fauci,” added Ms. Lorraine.


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