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In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, presented plans for “retail” purchases on Friday and also said he would lift restrictions on certain medical procedures and reopen state parks while demanding masks and social distancing.

But Abbott said the group working to reopen Texas – which he described as a “strike force” – had determined that it would not be safe for children to return to school, so that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. The governor has announced that he will announce a reopening on April 27 and even more in May.

In Minnesota, a Democrat Walz said Friday that golf courses and driving ranges could reopen Saturday morning and that many other outdoor activities could also resume, including boating, fishing, hunting and hiking. Some businesses that support these activities, including bait stores, shooting ranges and game farms, may also open. However, campgrounds, rental of recreational equipment, charter boats and guided fishing will remain closed.

In Michigan, Whitmer, who has imposed one of the strictest home stay orders in the country, said Friday that she hoped to ease regulations in two weeks on May 1.

Whitmer, a Democrat who has faced criticism from residents and business leaders, said any decision would depend on what the infection data said as that date approaches. His state follows only New York and New Jersey in terms of the number of residents whose deaths have been linked to the virus.

“It’s in two weeks, and the information and data and our testing capacity is changing so quickly, it’s hard to predict exactly where we’ll be in a week, let alone two weeks,” said the governor on ABC. “Good Morning America” ​​days after thousands of protesters, most of whom were in vehicles, demonstrated outside the State Capitol in Lansing and accused Ms. Whitmer of going too far.

Republican Governor Phil Scott of Vermont said Friday that he would allow certain state-owned businesses to reopen on Monday, provided they involve very little contact and involve no more than two people.


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