Live Coronavirus News in the UK: Boris Johnson Says It’s Too Early To Help Lock Out Because Second Peak Would Be Catastrophic | Politics


I can see the long term consequences of foreclosure as clearly as anyone

and so yes I fully share your urgency

it’s the government’s emergency

and yet we must also recognize the risk of a second peak

the risk of losing control of this virus

and let the reproductive rate go back on a

because it would mean not only a new wave of death and disease, but also an economic disaster

and we would once again be forced to brake across the country

and all the economy

and reimpose restrictions so as to do more lasting damage

and so I know it’s difficult

and I want to move this economy forward as fast as possible

but I refuse to reject all the efforts and the sacrifice of the British people

and risk a second major epidemic and huge loss of life and the crushing of the NHS

and I ask you to contain your impatience because I believe that we are now reaching the end of the first phase of this conflict

and despite all the suffering we have done so well


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