Listen to Evanescence’s new single “Wasted On You”


Listen to the new EVANESCENCE single 'Wasted On You'

EVANESCENCE will release their first album of new original music in nine years, “The bitter truth” ((BMG), during this year, starting with the first song and video, “Wasted on you”.

The video of “Wasted on you”, which will be presented later today, was filmed by each member of the group – singer-songwriter and pianist Amy lee, bass player Tim mccord, drummer Will hunt, solo guitarist Troy McLawhornand guitarist Jen Majura – on their iPhones while they are currently isolated. Building on the piercing intensity for which the group is known, the intimately filmed video (produced by P.R. Brown in collaboration with the group) pierces the emotional stillness and numbness of today to reflect the internal ups and downs that each of us is going through now, daily.

Summarizing perfectly the current moods of disconnection from the world, lack of control and uselessness felt by so many people, the video finds the members of the group alone at home and with their families, waiting and trying to create in a world and to an audience it seems smaller than ever. Paired with Amy leeThe breathtaking voice of the group and the pure rock sound characteristic of the group, the central refrain of the song is shocking and universal:

I don’t need drugs

I’m already six feet low

Wasted on you

Waiting for a miracle

I can not continue

Looks like we’re frozen in time

I’m lost to you

Just give me the bitter truth

As Amy explains: “We were recording this music until we could no longer enter the studio, and we finished it remotely via file sharing and phone calls. like water in the desert for me, my light in a dark time. We are still writing and we still have a lot of work to do on this album, but this time we wanted to release the songs individually, while we were creating, to live more in the moment with our fans and our music.

‘Wasted on you’ It was not the song we planned to release first, but when the whole world went into an indefinite lock and everything changed, the feeling and the meaning of what we meant now changed. I didn’t write these words about what we’re all going through now, but that’s exactly what they are.

“The whole video was filmed by the group and our families on our iPhones, in our isolated houses several kilometers away, then edited together by Paul Brown. We can’t be together to make a video right now, but we took it and used it to tell the story of our real lives right now, and to show that although we are separated, we are all still connected. .

“When it comes to business, this is considered a terrible time to go out. But we think people need music more than ever. We do, and we won’t wait to share it because who knows what tomorrow holds for us. Who knows if it even comes? This is who we really are and we call around the world for a connection.

“One thing that came from this crazy time is that it took away the illusion of control – from all of us. Proof that we really don’t have one when it comes. A great new theme in new music so far is disillusionment. Growing up and realizing life can be so difficult, no one will come to save you and the fairy tales are not real – BUT, stand up and say that I will take the truth rather than live in denial. the ashes of death and pain and all that goes up, even if it hurts and take it to move on. No more lies. The bitter truth is all this incredibly hard stuff. And I take it. Choose to live. “

Director P.R. Brown adds: “It is a time when nothing makes sense and we are all forced to see a reality which we do not want to believe exists. It was clear that we all collectively needed to create something, we had to say something.

“After I started looking at the pictures, it was clear that the group members were going through similar things. I started to build a montage and see these scenarios repeat over and over and link them together to tell their stories.

“The group has inspired me and helps me get through the madness that surrounds us through their vulnerability and their creative grace. The hope is that it will help others to cross it too and see that there is a light at the end, even if it is dark outside. “

“The bitter truth” takes its foundation in the epic, the signature sound that won EVANESCENCE of them Grammy awards and over 23 million album sales worldwide, starting with their historic beginnings “Fallen”, and the mixture with the lyrics which provoke reflection, the musical sophistication and the heavy themes which Amy lee became known for. Producer Nick Raskulinecz ((FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH, DEFTONES) has been following the group in Nashville since late January. In a break from the past, the group will gradually deploy a series of songs from the album, resulting in the release of the full album. Later this year, the group plans to tour Europe on the co-titled tour rescheduled with IN THE TENTATION originally planned for this month. If conditions allow, the group will also continue to give concerts in other parts of the world.

Photo credit: P.R. Brown


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