Lisa Vanderpump devastated by restaurant closures and hopes to revive business


Lisa Vanderpump is distressed by the record that the coronavirus has weighed on her companies.

The 59-year-old restaurant and reality star has four locations in Los Angeles, Villa Blanca, SUR, PUMP and TomTom. She runs TomTom alongside members of the Vanderpump Rules cast Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval.

“It was devastating,” Vanderpump told Andy Cohen in Tuesday night’s episode of “Watch what’s going on live with Andy Cohen.”

“It’s not just our job. It’s also our life. And so many people have worked for us for years. I mean, now they’re all on unemployment. But just the fact that everything is gone right now. We can’t get into it. I don’t see what’s going on. It was devastating. It’s really sad, I must say. “

While Sandoval, 36, and Schwartz, 37, took charge when traveling to Cameo to raise funds for their staff soon after the restaurant closed, Vanderpump remains optimistic about the possibility of reopening and to keep it. staff – with whom they have a close relationship – once they are safe.

Los Angeles is expected to face the same havoc as New York City suffered from the virus. New York City alone confirmed 77,967 cases of COVID-19 and 3,602 deaths Wednesday morning.

Vanderpump noted, “I hope we will be with Lance [Bass, the owner of Rocco’s WeHo], one of the companies that survived this because a lot of people will not do it and that is a real concern. “

She didn’t comment on how her dog rescue, Vanderpump Dogs, did in the middle of the stop; however, their Twitter account updates fans on adoptions.


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