Lindsey Vonn chose skiing because it was the only sport she was good at


You’d be hard pressed to find many more accomplished winter athletes than Lindsey Vonn. Although she is now retired, Vonn has spent a lot of time as one of the best skiers in the world. However, her career was not just the sun and the rainbows – she had a significant rest period due to injuries from which she was also able to return.

It is always worth looking back at the start of a great athletic career and examining why they chose to compete in the sport they were playing. Many athletes could have excelled in several sports and Vonn is probably no different. But what made Vonn participate?

Lindsey Vonn’s early years

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn | Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 18, 1994, Vonn had four growing brothers and sisters. Her father, Alan Kildow, was a competitive skier and was the person who brought her to ski. After training with trainer Erich Sailer, Vonn moved to Colorado. At 14 years old in 1999, she won the Trofeo Topolino slalom in Italy. Her age was not the only surprising thing in her feat – she was also the first American to win the race.

The next few years have seen Vonn continue to triumph and improve as a skier. It quickly caught the attention of Team USA. They named her to the United States Olympic Ski Team for the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lindsey Vonn’s Olympic triumphs

Vonn has had great performances at the Winter Olympics over the years. You will find below a summary of his performances in some of these competitions:

  • 2002: When she appeared on the world stage for the first time, she only managed to finish sixth in the alpine combined and slalom.
  • 2006: Thought to be a favorite to win a medal in Turin, Italy, a disaster struck. Vonn crashed during a training run, thinking she may have broken his back. She had to be flown off the mountain. Miraculously, Vonn returned to competition within two days. Although she did not win a medal, she won the American Olympic Spirit Award for her return.
  • 2010: She won a downhill (gold) and super G (bronze) medal.
  • 2014: Vonn had to skip the Olympics due to a crash at the Alpine World Championships the year before.
  • 2018: In a triumphant return to Olympic competition, Vonn won a downhill bronze medal in his last appearance at the Winter Games.

After her bronze medal in downhill at the 2019 world championships, Vonn retired from ski racing. But what motivated her to get involved in sport in the first place?

Why Lindsey Vonn chose skiing

Vonn is obviously a great athlete in optimal physical condition. What made her ski? According to Vonn, it was out of necessity. She told Esquire that she just wasn’t good in other sports:

“I have been skiing since I was 13. It was the only thing I was good at. Trust me, I have tried many other things, and I was very bad at all. Tennis was one of those things. One of those things was figure skating. I also tried gymnastics. I was actually not half bad in gymnastics; I was just too tall. ”

It goes without saying that Vonn’s athletic prowess would have made her an excellent candidate for a number of sports. But it’s probably the chance for her – and for the world of skiing – that she ended up skiing. It is also fortunate that she was not very good in the other sports that she tried, otherwise she could have participated in it instead. She didn’t, of course, and she made skiing history.


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