Linda Lusardi devastated by the death of a dog a few days after the star survived the coronavirus


Linda Lusardi was struck with new heartache as her beloved dog Dexter died just days after the actress herself returned from hospital after contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The 61-year-old star was upset after his pet dog was killed earlier in the week due to health concerns.

Taking on Instagram on Wednesday, Linda revealed that she was crying for the dog and shared a comforting photo of herself hugging him.

The update came just days after she told fans that she had made a compassionate, but difficult, decision to have him arrested after he developed an incurable illness.

Linda Lusardi expressed sadness that she was forced to have her dog slaughtered

“It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Dexter was asleep this morning,” she wrote alongside a snapshot of Dexter playing with a ball in the tall grass.

“He had a spine problem and after surgery that we thought would cure him, he developed myelopathy without treatment,” she said.

“We will miss our little man so much,” she wrote.

Sharing the picture of her hug, Linda said she had trouble adjusting to life without her four-legged friend.

Dexter had spine problems and then contracted an incurable disease

“God I miss my baby Dexter so much.” I can’t believe he left, “she wrote.

Linda herself is recovering at home after being hospitalized for a coronavirus and left her husband, Sam Kane, so sick, fearful of losing her.

Appearing together at Good Morning Britain earlier this month, Sam remembered thinking about the worst when he visited her at the hospital.

Dexter comforted Linda when she recovered from a coronavirus

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“I thought she was gone, it looked like she was dead,” he said.

Talking about their children, Jack and Lucy, however, helped lift the actress.

“Her lights came back on … Then it was small steps, she got better and better,” said Sam.


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