Libya – Joint statement by the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy and the High Representative of the European Union (April 25, 20)


As participants in the Berlin process and in a renewed commitment to the Berlin conclusions at the start of the holy month of Ramadan, we want to join our voices with those of the UN SG Guterres and his acting Special Representative for Libya, Williams, in their appeal for a humanitarian truce in Libya.

The conflict continues unabated and developments in the past few weeks have heightened concerns, particularly regarding the plight of the long-suffering Libyan population. We call on all Libyan actors to draw inspiration from the spirit of Saint Ramadan, to resume talks for a real cease-fire on the basis of the draft agreement of the Military Committee of 23 February and with a view to a political solution to the conflict, and join efforts to face the common enemy that the current pandemic risks represent in the interest of the whole country.


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