LG Reveals New Design Language For Next Phone


LG’s flagship phones in the past two years have all looked extremely similar to each other: good luck choosing the G7, V40, G8, V50, G8X or V60 from a lineup unless you have a very good memory for the number of cameras. The company, however, seems to be changing things for a future device, which it says will use a whole new design language.

LG describes the design language as “a nod to the natural world with a visual form factor that differs from industry trends.” A “raindrop” camera has smaller lenses and an LED flash under the larger main camera, reminiscent of water drops; LG notes that this contrasts with current trends for big camera bumps.

Elsewhere, LG says it uses a new “3D Arc Design” element involving symmetrical curves on the screen and back of the phone, although it is unclear how or if it would be unique. Samsung has said roughly the same thing about the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7, for example, while Xiaomi has made similar statements in the past.

No other details of the phone itself are available, but it looks like LG will apply this design language to its entire lineup. “Our next smartphone will build on the rich history of classic LG designs that have always been distinctive at first contact,” Cha Yong-duk vice president and head of mobile design lab said in a statement. “This handset will be a first glimpse of the competitive advantage we will bring to each LG smartphone in the future. “

Korean news portal Naver announced this month that LG will launch a phone on May 15 with a new brand and new design to replicate the success of Chocolate, the company’s iconic pre-smartphone series. It is supposed to use Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765 with integrated 5G and aim for a more affordable price. We’ll have to see what the device will actually look like, but LG sets high expectations for its design.


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