Letter: COVID-19 requires leadership to eliminate smokers



I read with interest a recent article in your valued article (Now is the time for smokers to quit, or risk of fan shortage: researcher).

COVID-19 may be a serious threat to those who smoke electronic cigarettes, combustible tobacco or marijuana, based on scientific evidence. I firmly believe that recent evidence must be appropriately reflected in COVID-19 prognosis and treatment efforts.

In addition, this information should be widely disseminated as new clinical guidelines, to help physicians make informed clinical decisions to treat COVID-19 effectively and efficiently.

Based on this evidence, the public health community can get involved and promote comprehensive tobacco prevention programs, social media campaigns, public education awareness, and information creation solid and factual on all tobacco products.

It is also important that we focus especially on high-risk groups such as adolescents and encourage them to quit and quit smoking. Adolescents have more potential for nicotine and THC, or dependence on tetrahydrocannabinol vaping, due to the rapid changes in their developing brains, this remains an unresolved concern.

According to the available literature, many doctors feel uncomfortable discussing the health effects of electronic cigarettes, obviously, due to the limited knowledge and conflicting scientific information available on this subject and I hope the BC Association Medical, BC Ministry of Health and British Columbia Chief Physician Dr. Bonnie Henry would take this public health problem very seriously and provide the leadership necessary to end this golden opportunity to launch an educational campaign at the BC scale to prevent the epidemic of nicotine and vaping among adolescents.

Aki Nilanga Bandara

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