“Let’s go” – Celtic fans all say the same thing about John McGinn


John McGinn’s Celtic allegiance is no secret – and fans north of the border love a tweet from the Aston Villa midfielder.

McGinn has proven to be one of the best value for money in recent memory at Villa Park after being ripped from Hibernian in the Scottish Premiership in 2018.

Costing just over £ 2 million, he was instrumental in promoting Villa from the championship and continued to impress on the Premier League stage before his ankle injury in December.

After his top flight debut in August, scoring against Tottenham, McGinn spoke of his support for Celtic – the Villa club beaten at his signing.

“I am still a supporter of the Celts,” he said. “I was watching the game over the weekend and always will be.

“He will never leave you.” But I have to focus on doing my best for Aston Villa and whatever happens in the future, we will take it from there.

“I am still a fan of the Celts and the boys here know that I talk about it all the time, but I am fully focused on Villa. “

He added, “The Hibs are on a different scale than Aston Villa but the requirements were always the same. When you were beaten, it felt like the world was ending.

“Being a fan of Celtic is the same thing. If you lose a match. So I hope this feeling doesn’t come up too often. “

This weekend, the Scottish international retweeted a video from Celtic legend Henrik Larsson, adding the goat emoji.

And Celtic fans jumped in the answers. One said, “It’s hard for the British to understand how good this man was because of their EPL hues. He also helped Man U win the league and turned the CL final round to help Aarca win it. A legend everywhere he went. “

“The king of kings is one of the best of all time,” said another.

A third replied: “The Meatball knows #HailHail”.

“It’s gone,” said another.

A fifth supporter added, “I love it! “


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