Let Things Calm Down: Cramer’s “Mad Money” Summary (Monday 4/6/20)


Don’t be fooled by today’s record rally, Jim Cramer warned his Mad money viewers Monday. Until we see a spike in unemployment, the stock market will be held hostage by the vagaries of exchange-traded funds, Cramer said, and even strong rallies like today should not translate into earnings per share.

Traders will continue to buy and sell in the headlines of the day, said Cramer, but investors need to stay focused on what matters – the state of our economy. He said it would be a mistake to buy stocks after Monday’s strong move, even with your 401 (k) or retirement money. Today’s earnings are likely to evaporate on the next wave of bad news – and this may be the time to jump.

The King’s Cloud Rally, a favorite of Cramer’s, must be viewed as suspicious and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Cramer preferred stocks of data center equipment such as Western Digital ((WDC) – Get a report, as an alternative investment. He also blessed owning Amazon ((AMZN) – Get a report, which does not present the advertising risk of Google ((GOOGL) – Get a report. Even Apple ((AAPL) – Get a report must be bought opportunistically, on a hindsight.


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