Legal flaw could bring ‘new mutants’ to Disney +, says MCU insider


While the Fox / Disney merger created a way for several mutants – the X-Men and Brotherhood – to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) resulted in several delays to the movies and television. And yet The new mutants may technically be one of the last mutant payments produced under Fox, a legal loophole could lead to the premiere of the film on Disney +.

Fans will have to wait to see Black Widow in theaters, as The Hollywood Reporter recently stifled several theories that the film would be released on the streaming platform. However, fans can still receive much-anticipated new Marvel content fairly quickly.

Disney + The new mutants
A Disney + Streaming Service Sign | ROBYN BECK / AFP via Getty Images

Insiders from Marvel and DC, Mikey Sutton, recently announced – to Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture – that the sci-fi horror thriller, The new mutants, could decorate fan screens in the near future.

Inside the Disney + The New Mutants Leak

According to inside information from Mikey Sutton, The new mutants will not receive a theatrical release in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic; rather, the film will premiere on Disney +. Sutton said:

… Disney is seriously considering giving up The new mutants on Disney +, maybe by this summer. Please note that to date no final decision has been made. Clearly, the situation of the global pandemic has made it difficult to define theatrical release plans or alternatives. But Disney weighed their options regarding The new mutants and they seem to agree that this is the best way for this particular film. Its budget is modest, so they won’t leave money on the table, and its presence on Disney + could give the chain a much-needed shake.

Mikey Sutton

Although everything seemed logical, questions about the legal issues surrounding Fox and HBO quickly emerged, prompting Mikey Sutton to explain the loophole available to Disney, which will allow Disney to place the content on its streaming platform.

How will the premiere of “The New Mutants” on Disney + if Fox have a pre-existing agreement with HBO?

Fox has an agreement with HBO – one preexisting with the Disney merger – that grants the network access to Fox films, including the “X-Men.” And, as HBO’s streaming network will soon be published, many assumed that Fox The new mutants should belong to HBO.

Sutton explained that the agreement only affects films released in theaters, and The new mutants did not hit theaters; thus Disney has a loophole that it could easily exploit now that it owns the Fox properties. Sutton explained:

… A number of people have asked me about Fox’s existing agreement with HBO before Disney. I asked this question, but forgot to mention it in my New Mutants scoop because I was balancing another scoop simultaneously. I was told that the deal was only for Fox movies released in theaters. The new mutants did not go out in theaters; hence a loophole which will allow its inclusion on Disney +.

Mikey Sutton

So if you wait to see The new mutants, you may not have to wait any longer if you subscribe to Disney +; If you don’t have a subscription, you can consider getting one.


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