Lee Johnson’s “spectacular” championship plan would allow West Brom and Leeds to win promotion


Bristol City boss Lee Johnson believes a tournament-style calendar is the best resolution for the championship season.

All elite football in the UK has been put on hold as the country attempts to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.

The resumption dates have already been postponed from the end of April, the season now being extended indefinitely.

Both the EFL and the Premier League have reaffirmed their commitment to ending the season, but there is real concern that the games may not be full.

Teams like West Brom and Leeds United will be desperate for the campaign to resume, with both ready for lucrative promotion in the Premier League.

Promotions outside the league have been canceled, but Johnson, whose team is just outside the play-offs, has offered a dramatic plan to end the season.

“If the country is not ready to mix and football is allowed to go ahead, maybe we will take over a hotel for a month and train,” Johnson told BBC Radio Five Live.

“It could be a tournament mentality. It will be dramatic, for sure.

“The players have had an extended period of time on a very strict fitness regime, operating alone, and it is very difficult to maintain when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

“The minute we can get concrete schedules on a return, it will be easy for us to plan.

“It won’t be a big deal, the boys will be rested and physically these players are fine.

“When we have worked out the details, we have been promised at least a three-week pre-season period and the players will need it. “

A leaked letter from EFL boss Rick Parry suggested that the players return no later than May 16, with a 56-day schedule in place to finish the season.


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