LeBron James finally gives some updates on his next sequel to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam


LeBron James is making the news a lot these days. While he’s busy training like crazy and showing his ripped body to his millions of Instagram followers, he has also drawn a lot of unnecessary attention because of Michael Jordan’s documentary The Last Dance. Analysts and former players have compared it to Jordan, drawing similarities and comparisons. But LeBron is not bothered by all of this.

However, LeBron has fairly important news for his fans. After a wait of 25 years after the release of Space Jam with Michael Jordan, the rest of the film will be released in 2021 with LeBron himself. He went on social media to announce the news of the film. He also published the name of the film: “Space Jam A New Legacy”

The project was announced in 2014 by Warner Bros. But it wasn’t until 2019 that production of the film began. Now, after a tireless wait, fans know that its release is scheduled for 2021.

Space Jam with Michael Jordan

Space jam.jpg

The first Space Jam, with Michael Jordan, was not a favorite with critics. However, it worked really well at the box office and holds a special place in the hearts of the fans. The film is the best-selling basketball film of all time. It will be interesting to know if LeBron will be able to beat Jordan with the totals.

As is always the case, fans and analysts will even use a children’s film to make comparisons between the two. Who gets bigger the more will be considered a testament to their respective popularity. In fairness, we hope this is not the case.

LeBron James on a possible season cancellation

It was not the only news posted by LeBron James on his social media profile today. Earlier, he refuted the ongoing rumors surrounding the NBA season’s callencation sending a strong message to fans and leaders that the season was underway. He is ready, his team is ready and at all costs the season should advance.

Whether the NBA returns or not is yet to be announced.

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